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Q - What is LocalCryptos.Club?
Q - How am I protected from being scammed?
Q - How does the feedback system work?
A - LocalCryptos.club uses a feedback system that shows a score on your public profile. This score, a percentage, shows how much positive feedback a user has. You can only give one feedback to a user. The feedback can be one of four types: Trustworthy, Positive, Neutral, Block and Block without feedback. Once given, feedback will be visible on a user's public profile if certain conditions are met, otherwise the feedback remains unconfirmed. Unconfirmed feedback is only visible for the receiving user and to LocalCryptos administrators and does not affect the feedback score. Users that have never traded can’t leave feedback, however if they mark each other as trusted or not trusted they are able to leave trustworthy, neutral or block feedback. Explanation of feedback types: Trustworthy: Giving trustworthy feedback increases the receiver's feedback score while at the same time marks the receiver as a trusted person. People who you mark as trusted can view your (Trusted Only) advertisements. You can find a list of people whom you've marked as trusted under your profile. Positive: Giving positive feedback increases the receiver's feedback score. Neutral: Giving neutral feedback doesn't affect the receiver's feedback score. Block: By blocking a user he can no longer contact you, and he receives negative feedback from you which lowers his feedback score. Block without feedback: This option blocks the user from contacting you, but his feedback score remains unaffected.
Q - What does Trust user mean?
Q - Is it possible to change my username?
Q - Where can I see the login history of my account?
Q - What is the requirements to be able to post a Sell trade?
Q - What is the requirements to be able to post a Buy trade?
Q - Do I need to be KYC verified to be able to withdraw coins from the exchange?
Q - How long time does it take to withdraw my coins from the exchange?
Q - What is AML and KYC?
Q - What is the minimum price for selling XUNI coin?
Q - What is the minimum amount that I can Buy/Sell for any coin?